Our History

A Moveable Feast by O’Connor’s is an evolution of businesses created in 1994. My journey began as an international flight attendant for American Airlines which allowed me to cultivate culinary ideas from countries and cultures around the world. Experiencing foods, techniques and styles I had never experienced growing up in Oriskany, NY. My appetite was opened to a whole new universe of flavors and sensations, yet each dining experience was always paired with an unparalleled level of service, no matter what the cost of the meal.

With a desire to move back to the East from Chicago, I managed to purchase what was known as the local “gin mill” while out one evening with my brothers, and, of course, after being served many perfectly chilled cocktails. After selling my home in Chicago and with some financial help from family and friends, O’Connor’s Keg & Kilt opened in June, 1995. The kitchen left a lot to be desired…no oven or dishwasher, only two burners and a flat top griddle. Eventually calls started coming in for catering, so we used ovens in friends’ and neighbors’ homes, created electrical nightmares by plugging in numerous toaster ovens, and carted food around in an old blue Ford Escort wagon. You could pack a lot in that car! Eventually, things got tough for kitchen space, but the dining room and bar were full and many happy customers were made.

In 1998, I purchased what was known as the Alexander Hamilton Inn in Clinton, NY. With extensive renovations and a huge expansion of staff, O’Connor’s Alexander Hamilton Inn opened in April, 1999. It wasn’t long before word traveled about the beautiful 1820s building, the impeccable level of service and a menu that would be embraced by all who entered the doors. The staff continued to expand the depths of our catering and soon we traveled all over New York state. No matter if we were in Cooperstown, Albany, Alexandria Bay, Lake Placid or anywhere in the Adirondacks, our clients knew they could expect the same quality of food, superlative taste and exquisite service as if they were sitting in our dining rooms at the Inn.

However, the fall from grace was fast and furious! With the unsettling state of the economy, war, ever continuing rising costs and the daily maintenance of a 180 year old building, a gloomy forecast was before me with no easy way around it. Catering had always been my first love in the food and beverage industry…it allowed me to travel, somewhat, yet take other people’s important personal events and create flawless, impeccable and sumptuous memories. With that in mind, O’Connor’s Alexander Hamilton Inn closed its doors on January 31, 2007 with one hell of a party, to the unveiling of…you guessed it, A Moveable Feast by O’Connor’s.

The Clinton property sold in 2007 and we moved into a kitchen in Oriskany, but this time with multiple ovens, burners and dishwashers. The operation continues to provide services throughout New York State. In April 2010, our brand new kitchen in New Hartford opened its doors while our reputation continues to provide us with the most qualified and exceptional staff. The quality of our food, ingredients, service, ability and — most importantly — integrity, has never faltered and that is what makes A Moveable Feast by O’Connor’s the exceptional company it is today.

History is made everyday in this world and we want you to become a part of ours. Let us make your next event, no matter how intimate or celebratory, history making for you and me. Thanks for reading!

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